Friday, February 19, 2016


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Google Sites allows you to create websites and wikis. This app could be used as a wiki and the students could work together on it. It would also be useful for posting assignments that are due. 


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Google slides is an online power point. The students can use this for school project that they have to present as well as publish their presentation.


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Google forms allows you to create surveys, tests, quizzes, or forms. When students are doing an online project, they can submit their link on this app to their teacher. This site can also be used when the teacher has a quiz and wants it all in one place. 


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Google Play is an app store that has a variety of games, music, movies, and books. Students could use these apps to help them learn different topics that they may be struggling with. The students can also download books to listen to. 


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 Google News is an online news site that gathers world-wide news and puts all of it in one simple place. This site would be useful in a history classroom for the students to be able to see what is happening in the world today compared to years ago. The students could also use this to see the different viewpoints of a variety of publishers.


Hangouts is an a connectivity app that offers instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. This can be used by groups of students in the class to have quiet discussions about work, or communicate from home about projects and homework. The video calling feature can be used with deaf students, adding an extra layer of accessibility to the classroom.


 Google Earth is an interactive map that allows users to digitally explore the globe and view cities and countries all over the world at multiple levels. This could be useful when teaching different types of terrain in a geography lesson. Students will have a chance to see things like desserts and tundras without leaving the classroom.


Google drawings allows users to make drawings, tables and charts that can be saved on a Google Drive and edited from anywhere. Students can use this app to collect data for science experiments.


Google Books allows users to acces a large library of free online books with simple searches. Educators might use this in their classrooms to have all the students in their class access the same books for reading groups or a class read-along. The availability of free books keeps costs low for schools.


Drive allows users to store and access their personal files from anywhere. Teachers can use this in the classroom, especially with older students, by having students create their own drive account to store and access files for homework, class projects, and other assignments.